Horse Shelter Heroes | S2E34 | AUCTION RESCUE

In this auction rescue episode, we save 47 horses from slaughter! You also will get to go on a ride-along with everyone’s favorite farrier, Garrick, as he goes to pick up a horse that needs rescuing.
We move all the horses in quarantine down to the main part of our facility to get them evaluated and make room for our next auction rescue! There were so many horses that were in need of our help. We rescue a draft who has a horrific eye injury, and much more! You will not want to miss a second of this episode of Horse Shelter Heroes.

Please support our rescue and sheltering efforts as we rescue, shelter and protect horses not only in Tennessee but across the United States!

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  1. What I admire the most is recognized immediately is something I feel about animals like you. You address them as “us” and “everyone” when referring to them. I believe with all my heart is that just like us… we are “all” God’s creatures and deserve all the love and attention given to us all. My dog means the world to me and have come to tears when he has suffered adverse conditions. I am disabled and live on a fixed income and sometimes I go without during the course of the month to be sure my dog does not go without. I have gone to a local food pantry for the homeless to eat because he needed his food. Just knowing that he had something to eat made me full. Thanks again for all that you do.

  2. Well i think you guys do a GREAT job saving so many horses also giving last act of kindness etc etc etc. WELL DONE and let those people who scream about stealing DUMP THEM shame on them.

  3. It's sad about the lady saying y'all were stealing horses and the other lady, the wife of a kill buyer, messaging people that have donated to your organization, like, if they wanna screw with people, they can do it to people that deserve that. And if they wanna make money by klslaughtering horses, then they can become a professional gamer and play red dead or something.

  4. I saw an episode with the Australian vet. Dr. Chris Brown, he was treating a donkey with both back legs kicking that way. His conclusion was a certain weed that grew here and there in the grass , was causing this in some animals. Could this be a possibility?

  5. Don't think us we should be thanking you over and over again all of you bless you all for helping these horses bless you bless you bless you Lily Langston Dundalk Maryland USA

  6. Breaks my heart to see these beautiful animals mistreated. My neighbour had horses when I was growing up as a small child and even though our community didn't have much money, he looked after his horses! Many times I snuck into the stables with apples and sugar cubes and fed them. I even found brushes to brush them. A very happy memory at that time for me. Especially when I 'pinched' the manure for mums roses, mum was happy her roses were so good and Nat was happy for my help, lol. Keep up the great work for these magnificent animals. ❤️

  7. Your such bad people I wish I would spent my life doing what your doing instead of assisting humans in becoming wealthy , not nearly as satisfying . Keep up the good work .

  8. ❤💙💚💛💜💕💟👏👍🎀🎁🎂🎈🏆🏇🐎✴⭐🌟🔸🔹🔶🔷➰♠♥♣♦🔺🔻🌠🔑🔒🔓👛💰💳💲💵💴💶💷💸💱

  9. The horse that she claimed was ridden to early which messed up its back is a completely bogus assertion, some horses develop naturally concave backs and are known in the industry as “swaybacks”, and it has nothing to do with being ridden too early.

  10. Love what you guys do!! I’m just wondering what makes you decide to save certain horses? We can’t save them all unfortunately:(( but do you pick the ones that are sicker then others?

  11. When the horse you save and give the last act of kindness. And god asked them what was thing you remember, they can say I was shown love and someone actually cared for me.

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