Hot Rod Power Tour 2022 – 2500 Miles in a 69 Chevelle SS Part 4 of 6 + Meeting @Swamp Boys Garage

Sub to @Swamp Boys Garage
and @Monkey Wrench Mike
also @Santa’s Workshop
don’t forget @Austin carr
and @Holley
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  1. Time to sell it and make your profit and move on, years ago 1988 we were in the street rod nationals, and the heat was just as bad, blown head gaskets, and break downs all over the place,

  2. Missing the content when you used to buy affordable cars and try to drive them home

  3. Good video Randy but you forgot to tell us the issues with the Chevelle as promised if we hung in to the end of the video. Good to see Greg & Tyler from Swamp Boys Garage. 😉

  4. Mr Brian Nelson is the best, recommending him to all beginners who wants to recover losses like I did.

  5. I would look silly driving my Focus but I'm doing it next year anyway. Make some friends and maybe pick up something cheap.

  6. I love chevelles but i liked it better with the other wheels and I’m not a huge fan of vinyl tops I’ve owned two older cars with them and they rusted them out

  7. Vary awesome indeed. Lots of different kinds of cars at the car show and trucks too. Sweet. Take it easy and have a great day too. Okay.

  8. Check out, Sleeperdude it’s a family doing YouTube.
    But not the traditional cars most people do.

  9. Good Video Randy You And Mike Ran a Smart Race Beeing ahead easier to get rooms Good to see Swamp Boys Garage

  10. That Black Cutlass was sharp, looks like a '79 Calais, I have a '78 Supreme myself, but mine is a turd 😅

  11. It's because that yellow Chevelle is lowered . That's why they look better. I would still prefer to keep a true ss like yours original tho.

  12. That's crazy, that '69 Chevelle you were parked next to has Cumberland county TN plates, they're local to me. No bigger than this town is I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen the car around

  13. Twin electric pusher fans will really help your car at idle witht he air on!

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