How a Dealer Car Auction works * Inside Acess *

Come to a Car dealer auction with me. Learn how it works and how to inspect vehicles quickly. Tips on Bidding Buying pricing out inspecting and flipping cars all at the auction with a dealers license
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Used car Auto Dealer how to get in or get a license how make money flipping cars what it is like being a car dealer is it worth it how much money at a car dealership negotiating and can you make money with used car values and more!


  1. Im looking for a salvage grandsport corvette .im looking for advise on how do I start and what am I looking at $$$$!!

  2. Your video was great, I learnt alot, can we do business together? How can I get in touch with you so we can discuss more because I want to go into buying and selling of cars. Please I will need your assistance. Thank you, hoping to get your reply

  3. Forget Kelley blue book just see what the car is going for online that's how you get your price and by bank repo's stay away from trade-ins😉

  4. Green_cars_way is the only good way to get good cars at good price. They just brought mine to me and they also do auctioning where cars are been sold for a cheaper amount than it used to be.

  5. Thank you for explaining the process, very helpful. Hope you continue to get great deals. God Bless you.

  6. do you have a team that drives the cars home from the auction? you said they all made it home ok…what do you mean by that. Are you driving them all back?

  7. Thes Ford Expeditions have poorly engineered water pumps and Power transfer units. probably most of those items have been replaced under warranty, they will fail under 110,000 miles or less. How can you tell if any f those have been replaced. Ford recommends that the PTO have the fluid changed every 30,000 miles now. Few do it due to the complexity and difficulty which will cause them to always fail. These are ticking time bomb items, not ot mention the premature failure of the catalytic converts. How can you tell when any of these will fail? All will cost over $2,000 to replace or service.

  8. How do you get all these cars home what I mean by that is how were they registered I'm from Massachusetts the Berkshires

  9. I would like to request for your assistance in the quest for buying a car from the auction export. I hope you could help me purchase what I'm looking for please

  10. Your videos are super helpful. Just have 2 quick questions. 1. What is the dealer app you mentioned in a few of your videos. And 2. How do you transport all your vehicles?

  11. Hello, need some advice purchased a car from auction transmission that went out in less than 14 days what are my rights?

  12. Do they not do Cr”s (condition reports) on the cars you buy at your auction? Most auctions have CR’s and give you a good overview of the car. If the CR is wrong, then you do an arbitration.

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