How BROKEN are wholesale cars at dealer auctions?

Hoovie’s hilarious dealership experience:
Top 5 Car Scams targeting dealers:
How car dealers make money:

Jason Adkins is the Service Director at a dealer auto auction. He inspects cars that are for sale and settles arbitrations when car dealers accuse each other of misrepresenting them.

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  1. Buying from the auction as a retail person or principal is not always the best move. I know dealerships who will sell their junk to auctions and keep the good condition cars to sell.

  2. I worked for dealers, and not one single car at the auction was safe for sale.
    They sold the vehicles with ZERO repairs

    We had many people seriously injured after buying cars from the dealers

    They would buy 50 dollar vehicles, do zero repairs
    And sell them for 2000
    No brakes, broken steering
    I would never buy from a car lot or dealer
    Buy from a regular person
    Best chance to get an honest deal

  3. Smaller guys make better mechanics on average I use to work on locomotives and there was this big dude that would always say hey can you give me a hand my hands are to big can you get this bolt started for me

  4. These arbitrations are caused when the previous owner part exchanged or traded in his old car at a dealership, for a reason. Theres usually a reason why the previous owner wanted to get rid of it. Especially now that a lot of car repairs are so expensive, its not economical to keep a problem car. Its probably cheaper to get a new car on finance than it is to replace the transmission or rebuild the engine, just for another fault to appear a few months later.

  5. Side note, you do not have to remove the entire front end to remove the alternator for most VW Beatles. You can actually remove the passenger headlight and the alternator fits perfectly through the headlight. Figured this out the hard way, replaced the alternator about 5 times on a beater VW Beatle due to defective alternators from O'Rileys and Autozone. OEM junkyard alternator was the one that actually worked. You can also remove the throttle body and the fuel rail and remove it from the top of the engine compartment

  6. You think it's hard being an auto auction mechanic with integrity and honesty, try being a mechanic that works on Chinese motorcycle.

    Those things are broke , straight out the box.

    None will make it over 180 miles , before self destructing, due to poor quality.

    Then comes customer that just signed contract for $14,000 on the POS, into work bay, wanting you to fix it.

    Dealership charges customer $115 per hour shop rate,☹️

    I quit before getting shot , over a pile of junk.

  7. Very well said & educational. Thanks for sharing your experience – I've always been a
    little skeptical on auctions, but also realize that good buys on cars can be done. Let the
    buyer be aware is the bottom line…

  8. i know exactly how this guy feels. i was an auto mechanic for 32 years and he is right where most people don't want to hear their car is a piece of shit from a guy who looks like he's just out of high school. i have done an alternator on one of those new Volkswagen bugs and it is just another one of those things that annoys me with German cars. things that are usually fairly simple on most others are a pain in the ass on German cars.

  9. Sounds like a good 👦 guy. Great story. Nobody really likes a "used car salesman" POS 💩 Dishonest & losers & addicts for the most part.
    "Most are good 🚗 car's" Sorry NOT true SOME are .🤔😞😄

  10. In the Navy we had to sign our name to every piece of electronics we repaired and we had a QA officer check our work and also sign. It's kind of important when you put avionics back in an aircraft that they're working.

  11. And people wonder why young guys / girls don't want to work in the industry ,they get shton daily by people who don't know jack s of nothing at all and think they can push you around to suit their needs. 54 yrs old and people still question me time to time . GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  12. Wow, Dude you are indeed blessed. I see people all the time who dont do the minimal required of their jobs but because they constantly deflect and talk a good game they get away with murder. Others are like you, you are the one who picks up the slack and who steps up when things need to get done.

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