How the outback does charity auctions | Outback Ringer

The Katherine Show is full of action with competition racing and rodeos but there’s only one prize Kurt Hammar only has his eye on – the charity auction and the little surprises that come with it. #OutbackRinger

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Outback Ringer follows a handful of brave men and women making a living catching feral bulls and buffalo in the desolate Australian outback. It’s a high-risk, dangerous job, filled with high-reward and a hell of a lot of deal-making.

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The Katherine Show, it’s good fun, eh? So, I just catch up with people, see what’s happening in the cattle industry and run into your friends and your enemies, eh? Might have a blue or something or get drunk or do something, eh?
The show features competition racing and rodeos, but the main attraction for Kurt Hammar is the annual charity auction.
$800, the bid’s on inside. $800.
$850! Last chance, $950! $1,000, quick. Hold up, $1,000 goes out to Walhallow and Amungee Mungee. Thank you for the round.
The auction raises money to educate children in isolated areas.
My mother-in-law started the ICPA, it’s good to support it and that, eh? A lot of kids benefit from it and that, so it’s good, yeah.
$600! This could be the steal of the night. $600 may buy.
Joining Kurt at the roundtable are some of the outback’s most famed bull catchers, including best mate Milton Jones.
Yeah, we go and donate a bit of money there and throw a bit around and buy a few things.
Did you want one, sir?
Snowy River. Yep. Please.
Make everyone spend a little bit more, you know what I mean, to raise some money.