How to Beat the Auctioneer | Australia property auction tips

Auction day is just around the corner. If you want to come prepared to win, take it from an expert with these top-secret auction tips.

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In this video, Damien Cooley, 5-times winning auctioneer on The Block, and Managing Director of Cooley Auctions shares five strategies for outsmarting the auctioneer and your competition on auction day.

These tips will help you prepare your plan of attack, so you can make sure it’s your signature on the contract of your dream property at the end of the day.

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🏡 Damien’s auction strategies

0:19 #1 Employ a professional buyer’s agent
0:37 #2 Bid in strategic increments
1:02 #3 Watch your competition
1:24 #4 Don’t fall for the trial close
2:01 #5 Start with the right bid

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  1. Absolutely loved this video. As a fellow Aussie real estate investor I really appreciate your efforts mate. Thank you so much for this valuable information Damien 🇦🇺😀

  2. first thing to do is ask if the reserve is within the quoted price range. 2nd ask when it is on the market! if its above the price range its been underquoted.

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