How to Buy a Cheap Car from Uncle Sam – Government Auto Auctions (GSA) – Pt I

Looking for a well-maintained low-mile used car at a low price? Maybe something that Fox Mulder or Dana Scully drove in an episode of the X-Files? Your prayers have been answered! The US government unloads over 40000 vehicles per year at the GSA Auto Auctions. You can find all kinds of stuff, from police sedans like Chevy Impalas, Dodge Chargers and Ford Crown Vics, through big SUVs like the Explorers (Scully’s current ride) and Tahoes. There are plenty of Malibus, Focus, and Minivans. Loads of pickup trucks from the half-tons (Ford F-150s and Rangers, Chevy Silverados, Dodge Rams and Dakotas) through the heavy-duty stuff. And yeah, lots of big trucks and buses.

Uncle Sam has something cheap for everyone!

GSA Auctions are held at dozens of locations across America on a monthly basis. These auctions are open to the general public. Anyone can bid.

You can find a good deal on a late model government owned used car, many with low mileage. They’re not exciting vehicles, for the most part, although I have seen stuff like Hummers and Mustangs.

Prices are pretty good. As a rough estimate, you can figure on the vehicles going for dealer trade-in price. There are caveats, but overall GSA Auctions are one of the best places to buy a cheap car, truck or SUV.

The GSA auction events also include odds and ends, but they’re not usually the place where you’ll see expensive and exotic luxury cars, seized from their owners – so, no Lamborghinis, Ferraris, or Bentleys – that’s a topic for a whole ‘nother video.

GSA Fleet Sales:

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  1. This video is totally wrong. The good thing is with cars and trucks you can check the NADA and Kelly Blue Book value. What you will find is there are too many idiots bidding on these auctions. What ends up happening "typically" with all these auctions is that they sell for way more than retail. Yeah! Just look at auctions on the GSA websites. Good job to the folks at GSA for liquidating government surplus for more than it's worth but don't be conned or fooled by liars like the guy. That part where he said that these vehicles sell for dealer trade in value is just wrong!!! Plus you must consider the government buys base models without the trim features and popular options. Plus you must consider that the government uses and abuses their equipment "commercially" under harsh working environments. Then to top it all off you can't even test drive it to make use it is mechanically sound. Be warned. Stay away.

  2. This is horrible I hope everyone who bought these cars knows that these cars were stolen from the working guy. These cars were just going to be munched in a scrap yard but instead they sold them to unsuspecting customers. I guess the government just thinks, " why fight a champion when you can beat up the little guy?"

  3. I can believe the fuzz steals these cars from the common man and sells these cars that they don't own. A bunch of crooks is what u see and I won't stand for it. Corrupt government is what it is and I demand change!

  4. In the Netherlands you are not even allowed to start the engine. It just says if it is in running order or not. Sometimes there are also confiscated Ferraris Porsches, Rolls Royces and so on for sale. It is not Always cheap. You do a bid (can also be done via internet) and then a civil servant says yes or no. If yes, you MUST buy and pay and arrange all the paperwork. Sometimes it needs reregistring, or the keys are missing. It is not Always fun. But, everything is sold apart from weapons or weapon systems of course.

  5. I personally would not buy one ive been around government vehicles with "low mileage" and they are very low but they get thrashed and abused . I've driven trucks and cars with 15-20 mileage but they drive like a 20 year old car horribly maintained and abused to the max

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