How To Buy Amazon Returns Online, Police Auctions, Antiques Auctions and More

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Hi guys, welcome to another film by antiquesarena, in this film I have a chat to try and help you buy stock during the winter months, we cant always go to car boot sales, antiques fairs due to weather etc, in this film I talk about buying some stock online, I start with amazon returns and amazon over stock auctions, then show you the sale room which is linked to almost every auction house in the country and permits you to bid with out being there, they even show you the online catalouge, finally I show you a sight where you can buy police auction which sounds like a lot of fun.

Links to follow here.

Amazing returns auctions.

The sale room link.

Police auction link.

My business is small and simple, I buy from charity shops, car boot sales thrift stores etc to sell in my shop and on eBay, amazon, facebook and other platforms, and make films that I hope you enjoy , please feel free to comment and give your opinion and experiences. its a little look at buying and selling what to buy and sell . My name is Antiquesarena and i have a pawn / antique shop but have sold for many years at car boot sales, antique fairs, auction houses, i buy and sell antiques and collectables and show you my finds every week, in this chat i talk about the different ways to sell to maximise your profit. do you hold out for the most money you can get from your antiques and collectables or do you take less money and deal in volume. Should you Specialise or be a general dealer. here are my top tips to help you understand how much to sell for to have the best results and most profit. This advice will work no matter if you sell on ebay, Amazon, Etsy, facebook or any other platform, hope this advice is both useful and helps you make loads of money. if you would like to see more films on my antique finds, advice on how to sell or buy and book reviews please visit my channel for hundreds of films.

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  1. For those interested in buying products from an auction and reselling, I’ve created a video where I share my experience. I’m not an ‘expert’, just simply sharing my lessons learned so others have more success. For those who would prefer to read an article, here you go, I’m new to this, so any feedback would be gratefully appreciated. Looking to connect with others who want to improve themselves

  2. Hey great vid.would be great to hear from other people as well & hear there expierences..mind you most people don't like to give away there secrets.
    But I am trying to research around because I really want to do something.i was thinking of doing my own homemade soaps&stuff..anyway thankyou for this upload.

  3. Mate maybe will be a silly question but do you know if this sites are available for european countries or just uk? Im in portugal so i wich to know the best options since here market is a little down. Peace and thnks

  4. Don’t waste your hard earned money by thinking you are getting a good deal.. They scam you by putting a very high price to lure you. Learn from my stupid mistake . Don’t ever bid they are fake they are scammers. Paid $ 522.95 for cheap junk necklace embarrassing to even give it as a gift.I don’t know how they can get away with their dirty business scam.Thee name their company Police auction to make you believe these are seized properties and selling it way below the price. Don’t be fooled.

  5. I buy loads from online auctions, rarely anything new, think we have all bought just the one lot of "designer style" items which are obvious fakes. I bid online at local auctions houses and the other half fetches it at the weekend. I am largely housebound so it is a case of necessity for me, you are buying blind and you have to be very careful with china and glass as auction houses do not thrown away chipped items and strangely these are often party obscured or at the back. You get pretty good at swopping over catches on broken necklaces and bracelets and glueing back marcasites

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