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A lot of investors ask me whether or not they should buy UK property from auction so in this video I decided to share my thoughts and opinions on bidding on houses to try and get below market value deals.

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‘How to Buy UK Property from AUCTION’ by Samuel Leeds, 2019.


  1. I never knew you could buy a property that’s going to auction, but before the auction starts. Also, how does one of out about properties that went to auction but never sold?
    Lastly, do you get a chance to get searches and survey done on a property that you are thinking about that’s up for auction?

  2. Could you take a property developer or architect to a viewing to advise on what it may need to get the property renovated? I thought they may be able to give an idea of how much it will be to get the property from run down to finished standard.

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  4. Can you do a rent to rent from a property that is up for auction? Will there be fees for the owner to pay if they take it off the auction to do the r2r?

  5. Hi Samuel. I have 2 or 3 properties I'm keen on and are seeing at auction this month. At what point should I get a survey done? Should i do this on all 3?

  6. On average… How much above guide price would you say a property sells for? I've seen a 2 bed terrace property with a guide price of £15,000

  7. Hi samuel I plan on taking a trip to the uk just to take your crash course. I currently live in the United states and understand we have different rules, but how different. Will the information shown be helpful over seas, or are your courses strictly united kingdom.

  8. Sam can you show us a video of picking up a random property on rightmove.. using the numbers shown on the page to calculate the ROI. Im just confused on what expenses need to be deducted from the gross profit and yess.. i am coming to the crash course in peterborough.

  9. I've been researching rent to rent and I keep finding news resources and professionals in the industry saying that rent to rent is usually illegal and a scam. Now I don't believe that otherwise I wouldn't waste my time posting this but it does make me question the practice

  10. Been to many auctions & I recommend them. I do agree you must be emotional. You must be super prepared. Visit property. View legal pack. Speed if sale is greatest advantage, in 28 days you are in. I've used estate agents before & it's using 4-6 months.

  11. i never actually thought about networking at auctions really makes sense. Going to the crash course in march at Birmingham cant wait and still awaiting my copy of buy low rent high coming through the post.

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