How To Make Money Flipping Furniture Part 4: Online Auctions

In this video we buy furniture from a local online auction and flip it on Facebook Marketplace for a $363 profit! Not bad considering we didn’t have to drive around thrifting. Buying from an online auction makes furniture flipping that much easier! The prices weren’t much lower than thrift stores, but the convenience was DEFINITELY worth it. We usually buy clean furniture that doesn’t need restoration, but in this video we purchased a couple different items that needed repairing. We dove into “caning” and the results turned out really well! Check out the video to see more!

We love the furniture flipping/couch flipping side hustle and think everyone should give it a try. It’s easier than you think and also, IT’S FUN!

We buy most of the furniture we flip from thrift stores and then sell on Facebook Marketplace. Furniture flipping has never been easier!

Here’s a link to our complete instructional video covering exactly how we do it:

See part 1 of How To Make Money Flipping Furniture where we made $500 profit here:

Here is our furniture flipping playlist where we teach you exactly how we do it:

Furniture Flipping Tools:
What We Use To Rip Off Grandma Skirts:
Clean Furniture With ½ Vinegar and ½ Water in this:
Mid-Century Furniture Legs:
Gold Legs For Extra Style:

Our Video Gear:
Our Camera:
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We flip houses too! See how we made $62K profit on our last flip:

We are a husband + wife duo from Grand Rapids, MI
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  1. I know it's wrong but I would have laughed if she fell through, without holding the baby of course. I'm glad she made a $90 profit. Could probably actually fit that in my car.

  2. Hi there, I live in NYC and it's hard to find online auction sites that are not super high end, like Christies for example. I'm curious what keywords you used to search for the auction spot you found. Thanks so much. Love your channel.

  3. I know this might be a stupid question but can paint fumes kill you ? I opened up some wood gloss and painted literally like five inches to see how it would look. I wake up feeling weird. I'm panicking at three am because there is a baby in the. Other room and im I'm scared she is going to get sick or die I'm very scared please help

  4. You have probably the nicest video quality of any youtube channel I've seen so far. I appreciate the lighting…lol sorry that's random. Very nice inspirational content for me as I recently came in possession of quite a few large furniture items from a family member's house that could use lite flipping and selling for some $$!

  5. I just found you guys today. Have watched several videos and love them. I am currently unemployed due to covid. And my wife and I are living in a hotel right now. I just got to figure out where to take the pictures. Not sure I want to take them upstairs into the hotel room. This really looks like something I could do to make a few dollars. We live in the middle of nowhere Iowa, but there is a small town about 25 miles away. Love your energy.

  6. How about this one, go to a garage sale get a watch for nothing, put it on ebay, 7 days later get a cheque for 1500, profit 1500.00 top that one. No extra spending needed.

  7. The things that have real value are items containing gold, silver, soapstone, precious gemstones, orginal art, art glass, jade, blue and white chinese vases, if you want to be a serious collector you have to look at the items that bring the most money and decide the field that you want to collect in, then you have focus. Then see if you can make a profit one just one item, if you can't keep trying until you can, it takes time and doing your homework ahead of time to make a real buy.

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