I Bought 10 "JUNK" Used Power Supplies off Yahoo Auctions!

Yahoo Auctions in Japan is the place online where you can certainly get a bargain for used PC parts, and used power supplies certainly look like they are a great price on this website, though out of 10… how many are not going to work properly? Let’s find out.

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  1. What I heard of about using that tester is that you should not test Sata and Molex ports at the same time. If Sata is fine it wont show if Molex is bad and other way around too. I use that same tester and I test them seperatly. Any take on that?

  2. I thought that a power supply tester should do current testing, I didn't think of doing current testing with a test bench I think it's not ideal, but it shows if it can deliver any power, so that should be good enough. Still an electrolytic capacitor is a ticking time bomb and no amount of testing can predict that, so the bench testing should be enough. But I also think that it's better to have a PSU that lats 2 years in a PC than if it would be thrown into the trash and I like this mindset. Also thanks to your channel I'd like to build a used parts PC this summer. And please stop with the EMF I hope it was just a joke with the "EMF free room".

  3. even my legend pc stop working now…seam like I need too red again..
    -:or else too many problems

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  5. All PSUs i have ever used are from fsp not a single problem with them ! ( Fortron 400w / 500 saga+ / 500 blue storm II / hyper 650w)

  6. Linus tested a weird 2000 Watt PSU which has weird Certification.
    But the PSU will not work if the Power Outlet from the wall is Less than 220 Volt.
    So according to them, when opening the PSU case, it really doesn't have 120 Volt transformers inside, which means, more leg room for only 220-240V Transformers only.
    Hence why it's so cheap, but it can handle RTX 3090 TI and RTX 3090 at the same time together with Core i9 12900K.

    So if you're looking for a cheap PSU, make sure it ONLY works for One specific Voltage, like 220-240V only.
    If the PSU says it's suitable for 120-240V but it's cheap, that means it is a crap PSU with cheap components inside.

  7. yuuup thet si good junck for … 100 $ Power Supplies .. tht is a good dilea ir ther all good yeas . for fixt gaming pc yeas defenetli ! but i persaneli nevre herd of yahoo action so no .. mebey is good ther .!!

  8. Dude, be careful with those PSU droppings. It just happened to me too, from much lower attitude, like 40 cm drop, and it almost ended up with disaster. I only put it back, and there was some small part inside PSU, which was detached by hitting the ground. It was metal material, so… you know, very weird stuff happening on monitor, and graphic card was showing weird things… it was tweaking voltages, or magnetic field or something inside.
    When I find it out, it was fortune, it didnt ended up by short and possible burn out, or something. The computer even turned off at one point. Then, as I've moved with PSU, I hear something is inside detached.
    You need to open power supply after it falled on the ground and check everything is ok. Luckily, that part wasn't critical, PSU is working good now even without that tiny metal, but could be much worse. From that time, I never put PSUs at that way, like they are unstable and can fall, I handling them much more carefully, so they don't fall on the ground. Never build towers from them. 🙂

  9. i have fsp psu for over 11 years. runs almost 24/7 . until now no issues. will see how long will it last. it survived 5 computers (5 parts replacement)

  10. My FSP HEXA 500W lasted like 8 years before it started failing (PC shutting off under load, had to turn off the PSU to be able to reboot). I'd say it's pretty decent for a PC gaming daily.

  11. Fortron powersupplies are underrated, I remember when they made the bluestorm PSU, that was really popular among enthusiasts, I think I still have mine somewhere.

  12. Thoughts on CODEGEN powersuplies?
    I used a 350w with a i5-750 ov 3.6 and GTX 750 1gb for a long time and it was great but people are saying theyre bad

  13. FSP and Delta are a few of the top-tier OEMs, they rarely are bad, obviously, nobody is perfect and there can be bad units, but usually, it's a good indicator that you have a decent PSU and in the case of Delta, top tier industrial fans.

  14. On my used dell i have wine of the fan and fix this through too losen the screws of the fan from the power supply. I hope this is not a hazzard.

  15. Long time fan! Love the new (and data driven) peripheral content . This and the PciE riser card video is top notch unique content. Don't stop G!!! I know it's older, but do the pci riser too! Maybe Bifurcation (virtually zero YouTube coverage, let alone internet coverage), multiple GPU's on the same system for dual or triple boot systems. There are DOS, 98, XP, and Vista/7 vintage builders who would benefit from your analysis.

    Throw your hat into PixelPipes #GPUJune. Your content would be a contribution.

    X58 pulled me in, but your quality content kept me coming back upload after upload.

  16. I actually HAVE that exact Antec 650W! Its been powering my OCed X58 system for over 10 years! Ive always kept it super clean and Ive never had problems with it.

  17. Build up PSU is better than Cheap PSU at the same price, i use Bestec (ex HP Compaq build up pc) still work well after 2 years

  18. 5:06 -12V line is largely irrelevant, it was mainly used for RS-232 and even RS-232 commonly used "non standard" voltages. You should look at +12V1, not -12V.

  19. FSP and HEC are OEMs, original equipment manufacturers which means that they actually build power supplies, usually for other companies that put their logo on them. As Aris from Hardware Busters says, yes the one with the exploding Gigabyte PSU, it's useless to test a power supply without load so the usefulness of your tester is very limited.

  20. I wouldn't buy a used PSU since I don't have one of those testers but good to see that theres a little bit less ewaste going into landfill.

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