1. They should have towed your blue car. Handicap Zone and a no-parking Zone. Send towtrucker to get you.

  2. House = $45k…Vette = $60k Having a nicer car than your house. Hymmm. "All ya'll are dumb mufukers".

  3. “How much money I’m making”
    Yeah you ball’n with your $24k a year income lol…. What a Douche bag

  4. I want a car like that. One day! I finally made the appointment to take the dealer license. "Where there is no vision. The people Perish."-Proverbs 29:18

  5. How can you not buy them if you already bought them?
    Not hating right here
    I'm doing the same.
    I'v been coming across some dude that pulled out with a expensive car they bought on manheim here in Australia. And then it completely fell apart.

  6. Bro, this is the first time I’ve seen one of your videos. And I’ll tell you right now people just hate no you…keep doing you

  7. Lolololololol you Funny homie, got me cracking the f up at 530 in the morning!! sound like you from the YAY. them bay area folks got that hustle.aand be waaaaay too slick on that BULLSHIT lol!! Imma f wit chu,inspired me to get back in the car game!! just gained another subscriber!👊🏾

  8. Hey big homie i admire your hustle…. Do yo thing man cause you now have a new fan!!!! Im trying to get started in New Orleans been a master mechanic for 25 yrs now im trying to cross over ill appreciate any advice💪

  9. Do yo thing. Boy i use to be the one who drive the cars threw the barn been auction off. My homies. Step dad made a liven doing. What you
    Doing now. I found a 1200 gold chain once. I should have jump in the game back in the day. But my
    Homie did and he doing good for himself.

  10. I started by flipping shoes from the thrift stores. Now I buy in bulk new. We all start somewhere and you are right about the most important things about this is: all about the profits brah.

  11. I fuc with you " you dont like You don't by " gotti wooooooooo fuc a hater pimp get that bag …..

  12. Bro can I buy one of them cars bro or could you get me something like the mustang , maximum or something like that bro for a nice lil price

  13. I’m trying to get my first car I’m 16 with 500 I want to know if you really got that many cars for that price

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