1. I want a car like that. One day! I finally made the appointment to take the dealer license. "Where there is no vision. The people Perish."-Proverbs 29:18

  2. How can you not buy them if you already bought them?
    Not hating right here
    I'm doing the same.
    I'v been coming across some dude that pulled out with a expensive car they bought on manheim here in Australia. And then it completely fell apart.

  3. Lolololololol you Funny homie, got me cracking the f up at 530 in the morning!! sound like you from the YAY. them bay area folks got that hustle.aand be waaaaay too slick on that BULLSHIT lol!! Imma f wit chu,inspired me to get back in the car game!! just gained another subscriber!👊🏾

  4. Hey big homie i admire your hustle…. Do yo thing man cause you now have a new fan!!!! Im trying to get started in New Orleans been a master mechanic for 25 yrs now im trying to cross over ill appreciate any advice💪

  5. Do yo thing. Boy i use to be the one who drive the cars threw the barn been auction off. My homies. Step dad made a liven doing. What you
    Doing now. I found a 1200 gold chain once. I should have jump in the game back in the day. But my
    Homie did and he doing good for himself.

  6. I started by flipping shoes from the thrift stores. Now I buy in bulk new. We all start somewhere and you are right about the most important things about this is: all about the profits brah.

  7. Bro can I buy one of them cars bro or could you get me something like the mustang , maximum or something like that bro for a nice lil price

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