I Bought a $1,400 RANGE ROVER at Auction with MYSTERY Mechanical Damage SIGHT UNSEEN!

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I found a really mint looking, clean title, Range Rover at the Copart Salvage auction; so I bid and won it for only $1,400. It was marked as a non running nor driving car, so I started taking stuff apart and here’s what I found.

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  1. Hey Sam! I'm a old cautious Viet Vet but pretty computer savvy. BTW, I was drafted after enjoying college including Woodstock in '69. Does 'Honey' have access to my personal info on google chrome? Kudos, great video! I'm sold on continuing to grow with you. Sadly, I'm on borrowed time.

  2. Had a friend that had a range rover. It was always in the shop. No automobile that has a Lucas electrical system is worth a crap. That includes mg,jaguar,range rover,austin healy,austin,Morris,.all these cars use Lucas electri le components! Or used to in older models of these cars.

  3. i know where u can get one cheaper black on black just as nice if not better for 1200 or cheaper the guy is asking 1200 but i know he will sell it cheaper i even know what is wrong with it need a new timing belt jumped tooth

  4. Oil on the spark plugs is from rocker cover leak, its not from headmaster that's why it's a different colour as it's deposited in the hollow where the top half of the spark plugs and the coil on plug sits over a.ling period of time, there's only oil om the spark plugs threads as it's got there whils your undoing it.
    A pro tip is to use a small pump and pump out the oil from around the spark plug before you start to undo the spark plugs, that way it stops any oil from entering the cylinder, if you don't pump out the oil and it does go inside the cylinder when you remove the spark plug it will be a big problem if you put the spark plug back in and will lock up the engine when you try to crank it over. Om the odd occasion when I've had this similar issue and no pump to hand the oil entering the cylinder is unavoidable so a tip is to crank the engine over with the spark plugs removed, this process is messy thought and if the spark plug chamber inside the head is too deep them oil may still run back down and inside the cylinder.

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