I Bought a Pallet of RETURNS from JOHN LEWIS at AUCTION.. Returns Unboxing!

Hey my babes!
I’ve done it again.. I’m back with another returns pallet unboxing! I’ve got a pallet of John Lewis returns to open up with you! My Mom picked the pallet and she went for a home appliance one. The idea is, you know what you’re buying but you have NO IDEA what condition it’s in!

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I got the pallet from William George auctions –

– Buying a Second Hand Kitchen from a £30 MILLION London House! –
– my previous RETURNS from JOHN LEWIS pallet –
– £700k Renovation Project –
– I Went on the CHEAPEST Flight in THE WORLD | £2.99 PLANE TICKET –

My outfit
Top –
Trousers –
Sports bra –
Leggings –

Check back later this week, for the final summary of what works and doesn’t!! they’re all being properly tested.


I N S T A G R A M –
T W I T T E R –
T I K T O K –
S N A P C H A T – imhereforever
F A C E B O O K –
B L O G –


00:00 – hiii
01:36 – the John Lewis pallet arrives!
02:15 – Buying a kitchen from a £30mil house!
02:46 – Opening the pallet
09:41 – SMEG Coffee machine unboxing
11:22 – SAGE Coffee machine unboxing
12:18 – DYSON unboxing
14:33 – DYSON Supersonic hairdryer unboxing
15:46 – DYSON Airwrap Complete set unboxing
18:28 – SAGE The Oracle touch unboxing
22:17 – NESPRESSO Altissima touch one unboxing


Emily Canham
The Corner,
1 Richmond Mews,

This video is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.




Until Next Time,

M. Xx


  1. If you want to see my house renovation, check out my channel. It’s just been stripped back to brick so you’ve not missed much 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Buying a Second Hand Kitchen from a £30 MILLION London Househttps://bit.ly/331icDI
    my previous RETURNS from JOHN LEWIS pallet https://bit.ly/3rGItBo£700k Renovation Project https://bit.ly/3IoivbWI Went on the CHEAPEST Flight in THE WORLD £2.99 PLANE TICKET https://bit.ly/30G8FNW

  2. OMG, Emily… What a bargain pallet purchased by your Mother.
    I 💗 a bargain 😁👌🏻 and I am a first time viewer of your YouTube channel, and I've got to tell you… I love, Love, LOVE your channel and you are God damn gorgeous too. 😍😁💯
    WTG for your Mum & Dad too, what a team you all are.
    Who doesn't like a bargain, right?!
    Fun, fun, fun. X
    Liked & Subscribed for more of your wonderful & excitingly charged videos. Stay safe 💕

  3. Hey hun. I received the same coffee machine as you for Christmas and was wondering what pods you use. I've seen you using the Starbucks ones before. Didn't know if you had to order the vertu pods online or able to get them from places such as tesco. Would love if you could reply to this message xx

  4. Are the days on hairdryers any good? My mum is currently having chemotherapy in tablet form and still has her hair, but a dud on could be better for her hair than a normal hairdryer? X

  5. From personal experience, the ninja blender was probably sent back because they don't work that well. I bought one once to make smoothies and zucchini bread. I ended up going to the store and buying one for like $20 instead because the ninja blender couldn't even blend the zucchini properly, let alone the fact that every smoothie I made had literal chunks of ice left

  6. Folks. Unsafe occupation, yes it’s a big risk. If ye wanna take this line of employment, please do a PAT testing course and find out where your legal liabilities lie. Electrical insulation could be broken, parts could be on the verge of catching fire, mechanical bits may be bent to cause injury when powered. Merely plugging things into a socket and checking the fuse does not blow is not a test. God knows how the original purchaser has used/misused the products.

  7. Ah so THIS is what's in these boxes I keep delivering. I'm part of the network that delivered those pallets. Seeing the depot it came from I would guess that these pallets came from one of the warehouses at MK.

  8. I signed up to this website, for the average person the bidding can go to £1700, 00 plus depending on what you want, this woman clearly has money so not really a issue but the normal every day folk, unless like 3-4 of you chip in, i guess it does have it's perks, nice video

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