I Bought A STORAGE Auction Locker For $10… Here's What's Inside!

Bought a storage unit for a $10 bill. This unit makes one wonder why people pay money each month to store their stuff….

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  1. Makes me wonder if they don’t have lockers that don’t sell so they empty one large one into two or three small ones randomly just to keep up interest and business. Still can’t lose for ten bucks

  2. You won't need to buy aluminium foil for a while or cotton balls. Weren't the Levis OK to sell? You do have to wonder why people spend money on hoarding trash !

  3. So bizarre what people will spend money on to store! The other thing I find so crazy is what people will store in their garages while their 20,000$ car sits in the weather. This one makes no sense because I don’t think they were living in the locker but why save food in a locker.

  4. Maybe SOMEONE died bec azitropine is a immunosuppressive Med. Ppl use it for RA and for autoimmune DOs. The oxacarb… is an anti convulsant for eplileptics Prolly some off label uses too. Thsi screams older person

  5. People will go rent a storage spot because dumps charge you to dump garbage so they can rent a storage first month free put all their garbage in there and not pay for it that's how you get full garbage

  6. It looks like they already got their good stuff out and didn't want to get rid of the trash so they left it in the unit.
    I hope you made your $10 back, plus a little for having to empty someone else's trash.

  7. Yep the ASSHOLES who work there and who organise the storage units have already cleaned it out, taken the gold coin collections the silver bars expensive stamps lol they actually breaking the law by removing those items its actually theft and you should seriously make a complaint and let others know more often

  8. I always wondered if any storage units were total busts… so crazy… I wonder what they paid monthly to save those things?

  9. They didn't pay to store THAT stuff. That's all the unwanted trash they didn't take with them when they emptied their unit.

  10. People rent these units to store their valuables and less valuables. The way that unit looked, the people renting it removed their valuables while leaving something in and they leave without paying the rent. On somes, you win but on others you get the last lunch while they moved the good stuff away. Take care.

  11. Your are complaining about not getting anything in this unit. You are the one that bid. you have to stop buying or stop whining.

  12. I'm guessing this stuff could have been from an apartment or hotel that the tenants(including a kid) left from in a short time frame to relocate by Air and were intending to come back for it.

  13. I would say that someone went through the unit prior to you buying it. anything of value was removed.

  14. It's like buying a scratch ticket, luck of the drawer. I've rented a large unit only because I needed to clear my grandmother's house to pay the nursing home. Things were only valuable to me because of sentimental value. There were no treasures. Spend years paying storage rent for way too long, until I could sort through everything. I mainly wanted to find photos that were all over the place in illogical places like books. Sorry yours's was a bust.

  15. you cant tell me the auctioneers dont rummage the storage before the auction. BTW you are cute I would pay $10 to meet you 😛

  16. If only I knew what site to use to find a $10 storage auction there are so many its hard to know where to start. thank you**

  17. Well you got some food supplies…all that more than a $10…

    Maybe some one use the storage to make love..soap, food etc…

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