I Bought A Storage Auction Locker For $140 … LOOK What Was Inside!

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  1. I was very disappointed that you didn't show us the graphite figurine.
    Before you write things off ask an expert.

  2. Hi there! I’m a lister and online market research in ebay and amazon. If u need some help for listing, count me in. Cheers 🥂

  3. do you have an ebay account that you sell on id check that out .your etsy account has nothing on it

  4. Love it !! The bag you called sketchy had incense coals double check the skateboards they can be worth a little be safe !

  5. Great score on the locker. A little advice for your benefit, until you have fully examined and researched items , refrain from treating them as if they have no value. 😘

  6. The front of the little girl standing next to the table is named Yvonne and it was painted by William Bourgeau Depending on who’s looking at it and their interest level it could be worth tens to hundreds of dollars. My mom had one of the prints from way back in the 1930s I think and a it’s sold in and her estate sale for a pretty decent amount of money I don’t remember exactly how much

  7. Reneau would love to have that witch glow mold. I really like it when you have her in your videos! 👻💔🎃

  8. You can use that broken vase in the flower bed, lay it down with broken side up or at an angle, put some potting soil and a plant inside, sort of bury it on the bottom but not much. You will get lots of attention in your garden from everyone, I see a lot of people who use broken flowerpots this way.

  9. I bought one of those step stools,new one. Out of catalog, can't really see. Not worth the metal it took to make it. This item was sold by Montgomery Ward. Buyer beware.🐎

  10. The board with the metal end near the mirror is a fish scaler board. Clamp tail of fish in and scale fish.

  11. Watch out for that old computer! I bought a computer at a flea market and I thought it was a good deal, hooked it up and it everything looked good so I gave it to my grandsons…THEN I got a phone call from my daughter who was very upset! The computer had been used by a woman to sell her pornography and run an online sex site! I had to retrieve the computer and replace the hard drive.
    None of this showed up when I checked out the computer, it was like secret files that came up when opening other programs.
    I do not allow anyone to touch my computers or laptops after that embarrassment.

  12. The radio/record player is from the 30's or 40's. It was called a consul. To the right buyer you might get some good money. A real antique, to a collector. Admiral was a mid grade priced item.

  13. Just about everything you touched was old and worth money. That concrete was a fossil i believe. Blue and white 1800s plates ……so much more

  14. You scare me with your pricing! I haven't been thrifting in the last 4 yrs. due to health issues and what you say you will charge for things seems highly inflated. Did corporate think get to ordinary resellers too? God save us when you need to pay these prices for one mans trash. It used to be a rule that used items have to be at least 50% off, but you YouTubers buy clearance items and jack em up 175%.

  15. The sled moves because you steer with the arm piece using your feet. Look at the back and you'll see the metal rod connections.

  16. Would like to see you do a clip when you sell at flea market or antique shop and show some of the pieces that you sell. Let people know where you are so if they live near they can say hi and maybe buy from you. Great clips keep going

  17. Absolutely would enjoy more storage units. If you end up doing more I would love to see a collaboration with some of California crew's.

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