I bought a Wrecked Auction Corvette – Will it RUN AND DRIVE?

I bought a stolen, recovered, salvage title, auction corvette. It’s a 1998 Corvette Convertible. That’s seems fine. Nope. Will it run? Probably not. If it does, we’ll feed’r the onions!

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  1. Them parts could come in mighty handy for a guy if he wanted to throw some upgrades at an old GM. LS swappage… dinner plate stoppers… ya just never know what might work. 🙂 Seriously though, 95% of us haven't met you, but I bet we'd all say that watching your videos is like hanging out with a good friend and wrenching. Love it. Thanks Derek!

  2. I Love Carvette cars, they are nice looking. Wish that one had a good front end. But finding one that is in better shape, no motor/tranny. would be a great idea to keep this one.

  3. I have an unhealthy obsession with your channel for someone who knows squat about cars and what makes them move. You are entertaining as hell. I am currently fighting cancer but haven’t laughed so much in ages, thank you for entertaining me. I can’t get enough.

  4. Good Afternoon Derek, Firstly can just Wish You every Success that comes Your way. Also, I really do enjoy watching Your very Well edited Films of Happiness and Good Things to all who watch. What a Joy, to see these Beautiful Vehicles being brought back to Life, and given some real TLC, that they really deserve. What an absolutely Gorgeous American muscle machine to try and getting working again. You did it my Friend. Well Done to You. Jonathan.

  5. Watching this episode a year late so I'm not sure what he did or is planning to do with this poor Vette but I really hope that he or whoever ends up with her goes ahead and makes her beautiful again instead of just taking her apart or ripping her drivetrain out of her because she has a number she is number whatever from however many numbers so what I'm trying to say is she deserves another chance at life and be put in the hands of someone that will take care of and appreciate her and someone that can feel or understand what I'm saying and just appreciates cars the way I do because if I had plenty of money in the bank and my money never runs out for me then I would buy this car from him no matter the price and give this thing it's second chance at life like she deserves so please someone that can , get this thing and don't let it be taken apart 🥺😞😢🙏

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