I Bought an "AS-IS" $90,000 Mercedes AMG at Auction and got 50% OFF (Twin Turbo C63s)

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I bought an “As-Is” Mercedes-Benz C63s AMG Twin Turbo V8 at the Auto Auction recently and I finally hit the jackpot on a very modified custom built AMG for a bargain price. Amazing Mercedes C63 AMG deal.

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  1. What an expensive waste of money. I wouldn't mind driving it but I wouldn't wind up owning it if you gave it to me. I can't imagine the sky-high prices on even an oil change in that thing, let alone when something goes wrong, let alone how many times that thing probably has to be serviced every so often, and how much that costs. Yikes. Hell no.

  2. The problem is not in the cars… The problem is in your head. What kind of fruit loop would spend more than 30 grand on a car? What's the matter nobody pay attention to you when you were young. Get over yourself. I mean seriously even if you have that kind of money why would you spend it on a piece of crap car? Are you trying to impress 17 or 18-year-old girls? Or boys I I don't want to assume a judge. That was a question. Your license plate should read look at me I'm cool. Mama said stupid is as stupid does.

  3. For nothing only the dumbest people buy these vehicles to flaunt stupidity plastic parts and financing to get it you dumbass two spark plugs per cylinder have fun with that money pit taking up room in your garage ,no matter what you drive you’ll never get the girl.

  4. Man, the amount of money people spend on cars and money to upgrade their cars is just crazy to me. Instead of spending your money towards depreciating purchases, invest it and make money!

  5. Loved the video and the humor you bring . I worked as a groomer for Mercedes benz for a few years and can say you got a steal on this car for sure. Problem is with in some states fuel being 7 dollars a gallon good luck running it. Good that you live in a free state. Florida. I drive a 2009 c200 kompressor that gives me 860km per fill. I would love to own a c63 for sure but to fuel it as a daily is another story. Love your content and subscribed for future videos. God bless.

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