I Bought an International Harvester Medium Duty Truck at Auction for Only $1000!

Will it start? It’s a 1986 International Harvester S1600. Let’s go through this thing and see if I got a good deal.

Strap/filter wrench:
90 tooth ratchet:

Build Series Playlist:

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  1. I enjoyed watching you and I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy watching you build what you’re going to build and OK on like in trucks well I drove tractor trailer for about 50 years so I guess I’d like them to so I will be watching I want to see what you come up with God bless

  2. I will be watching sounds very interesting with your I was the tractor-trailer driver for 50 years now I am retired but I enjoyed watching this kind of stuff so good luck and God bless

  3. Davey and I think you should call it Cyrus after Cyrus McCormick He was the inventor of the grain binder and founded the company known as McCormick Deering which later became International Harvester

    very nice truck!

  4. 5:55 A feller did the smart thing getting rid of that filter for the addition of 3Horsepower from that Non-tubro idi. That work horse needs all the air it can slurp down honestly.

  5. $1,000 for a running International medium duty truck. What a score. I really don't feel like owning a diesel is in the plans for me but seeing that diesel's simplicity might make me change my mind. These new diesels are a nightmare. Looking forward to the Harvey content

  6. amazing find. i wouldn't spend the money on wheels and tires until you are forced to change one. i'm sure you won't be driving highway speeds anywhere and not long distances.

  7. Pre filling oil filters is fine. But not doing so is also fine, so long as you've got enough oil in the pan. Like most controversial things with regards to engines, it really doesn't matter.

  8. Waldo.. you are the right sort of human, with a vizsla to keep you fit. We also had a viszla called Aspen, sadly she passed away last year. Keep up the good work, Greetings from Scotland.

  9. These are really great deals if you can find them.
    I picked up a 4dr 4700 T444E for 5k. Since then it's got leather air ride, sound deadening, sound system, turbo, larger injectors, and tuning plus a great deal of other stuff. I probably have another 5k in it.
    I was originally thinking about selling it once I got my 6.7 running that I bought. But now I honestly think I'm going to keep both.

  10. An idi can take a minute to fire on all cylinders. In the winter time it might take a solid minute before Mines straightens out. That's common with idi engines. But they will run forever if you take care of them.

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