I Bought An ML350 From Salvage Auction With "Undercarriage Damage" But It's Hidding A Big Secret!!!!

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  1. I have seen this a few times on OM642 engines. Some with low mileage and some with 150,000 miles plus. It's normally one of two things. Either the chain guides or the tensioner. The petrol V6 and V8 also had issues with their chains etc but that was more down to wear on the balance shaft sprocket which added more wear to the chain. If it was me, I would put new chains, tensioner and possibly guides too especially as you have no real way of knowing how the car was driven before and looked after. The chains in there don't normally just break. They will make a noise for a while before the inevitable happens so I would imagine that the previous owner just ignored it.

  2. Strong smell of a marine creature on this one. What does a vehicle check show up? Worth following your plan if the rockers are a known weak point. Damage done by the auctioneers? is there no comeback for their bad working practices

  3. Someone has fiddled the insurance mate snapped the chain, fake accident, don’t even send insurance assessors out half the time mate been picked up by co part I presume? And then sold as accident damage.

  4. You are getting from accident more and more to engine repair, it might be worth to work with an engine rebuilder. I can only agree with others here. These auction houses cause so much more damage to cars as they don't care and don't know how to handle cars. I agree 100% with you, it is worth a try.

  5. The engine air filters are like that with all the plastic and there are two of them, one for each side of the v. Costs about 100 quid for the 2 of them. Battery position is a pain in the butt. Check the key and immobiliser don't need realigned…mine has needed it twice, once when the key battery ran a bit low and again for no real reason. To check the key battery press any of the buttons and a little red light will flicker on the 'blade' portion. No light means the battery is low and it might have lost it's coding. I chased faults trying to work it out before going to a MB specialist. Mine has AMG alloys and has sometimes shed a wheel bolt even though they are torqued correctly. Selling mine cos it's a complete pain.

  6. That's a big difficult engine to work on ,gearbox etc out to get sump off etc etc ,4 cams to time up on a chain , changed rods on them before proper twat off a job , looking forward to it tho !

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