I Bought the Most Expensive Harley at auction and …

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  1. Honestly those Taurus SHO has always been a sleeper. For a family sedan that thing will stomp on folks. Probably even out run a same year camaro on an 1/8 mile at least

  2. i passed out high school this year 2022 and i been driving a Mercedes ml 350 2000, which had alot of problems in the start were i knew it was a big mistake buying it, didnt fix shit and ran that piece of junk for 3 years of my life with all the problem it had on the car, later on i realized that the car is still living with the same problems and havent got worsed since the day i bought it, so i gave my car to the dealership and they gave me a long list of parts that needs to be replaced, replaced of broken parts and now she is a killer, look brand new, feels news and all…………………..

  3. my first car that I had was 1976 ford Granada and 1977 Volkswagen beetle which was called beetle juice and 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass which was called the silver bullet

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