What’s up guys! Namz back here with another project I know you guys love this sort of content so il try doing more.
It’s a Mercedes S350 CDI bluetec model sold as seen from auction, bit of a different one this time so enjoy the content

Huge thanks for the support so far 50k subs we are approaching not far now

If you want to reach out to me for any sort of repair work / engine rebuilds my contact details are below

Boost Performance
23c Thames road
IG11 0HN

WhatsApp: 07901130605

Instagram: @namz_boost @boostperformance.uk


  1. Yes Namz! Loving your content bro. I've got an E class with the same engine. I just wanted to know what sort of money you charge for the DPF delete?

  2. There is no such thing as an AMG spec, option, package. Either it is an AMG or
    It is not. Besides there is no such animal as a S350 AMG. Stop trying to make
    A plain Jane S350 more than it really is, funny trying to polish a turd by calling it an AMG. 💩

  3. Great video as always. One tip though…Never film yourself removing the contents of a DPF it is illegal to do so and if the relevant person was to come across this video you would have someone knocking at your door. I own a DPF cleaning business so know of people who have been fined and one lost his garage. So any future removals might be best to cut out the video part 😜

  4. Hey brother, loving the videos. Have a quick question if you have the time. I'm immigrating to the UK in 2 months, I love the way a diesel car drives and was looking at getting a 435D but most of my commutes will be very short. If I were to gut the DPF, remove the EGR and code it like you did what are the chances it won't pass MOT? Or get caught for that matter thanks in advance .

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