I Fell for a Cheap Auction Bentley SCAM and it's REALLY BAD!

Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon.

I thought I was getting a deal on a lightly damaged Bentley Continental GT Convertible. Turns out, the seller got the better end of the deal…

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  1. The over use of computers in cars will become a big problem in a few years. We will start to see cars that are not fixable because the control modules are no longer in production

  2. Seeing this video makes me happy that i never buy cars with too many computer functions. Went as far as buying a brand new light truck and chose manual winder windows instead of power windows, just because i cant stand replacing power window winders on cars. Just need to keep it simple…

  3. Dumb this trash ass car. It owners were not rich enough to afford the maintenance. You bought a car that was previously owned by hood rich folks.

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