I Fixed a DEAD $1,400 Auction Range Rover for $100 in Parts! It Runs AMAZING!

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Workshop Manuals that guide me through working on the Range Rover (SAME AS DEALER FOR ALL MAKES/MODELS):

We finally get the Range Rover running and driving after its head gasket sealer treatment; but it still gives us a little trouble! Here’s how much I’ve spent on it, how much it will cost to make the auction Land Rover a little better, and I will be giving it away to one of you!

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  1. So I’m curious, did the coolant exhaust stop or materially decrease? (I have the same rig with a similar problem but no smoke)

  2. What a piece of shit. I’ll see it on CL next week, wife drove it only back and forth, no low ballers I know what I’ve got.

    Word of advice, never ever buy a Range Rover.

  3. You needed to have now by engine how it works and yo find out what is wrong in car something cost money like always?

  4. Looks like the noisy Bush is right beside the airbag you showed on the cast
    Centre pretty much gone out of the body mount

  5. You didn't fix it you patched it your fix will not last it's just temporary hope you didn't do this to flip it and screw the person you sell it to

  6. Wow you know a lot about cars . Very resourceful … 👍 keep the thermostat like you fixed it.

  7. So now you are going to sell it off to some poor sod, and the cracked head will get worse in a couple of thousand miles, I hope you tell the buyer what you've done to it 🙂

  8. Yes, for the few quid that it costs, a properly working thermostat is more reliable than a drilled one, but for the purposes of a test it works.

  9. My father was a service engineer with standard.motor products of india and was trained at Triumph UK. In those days all diagnostics were done by the "ear" and eyes. No gadgets. He thought me the various noise a car makes and the reasons. So when you said head gasket broken and you had no traces of oil in the radiator i new it was not the HG. Any way thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and i loved my old man RIP dad.

  10. You really put in a lot of work. That was so interesting to watch. I think you could get just about anything working. 👍🏽

  11. Awesome vid,I usually find that the head gasket repair in a bottle is only a temporary repair,and it usually let's you down right when you don't need it to( on a trip,when you have an appointment,need to be somewhere on time,miles from home,nowhere near more water,in a hurry,etc )but I wish you all the luck with it,and at least it,s going,it would be alright as a shopping car or on a farm maybe ot the local demolition derby😅🤣 if you have them over there,Best wishes to you ,from, Auckland, New Zealand. 🚐✅👑⭐🏅👍🙂🙂🙂😉😉😉

  12. I would have to aggree with everyone about the sealer, you literally just messed up the coolant system worse not to mention the sealer is only temporarly, the car is junk not worth fixing to even begin with.

  13. That is the worst SUV ever made, it looks like it looks because it never works. You are very smart, how do you not know that

  14. Wow bravo, major issue solved. Can you make a detailed video on how you sealed the head gasket.

  15. Hmmmmm
    A two pin connector…and no actuator and you think its a computer controlled thermostat?

    The manual ?

  16. Sounds awful bet it drinks oil, it belongs in a junkyard unless you want to put a new motor in it.

  17. Can't help but feel bad for whomever you gave it to. That thing is a road disaster. A lane you stranded just waiting to happen.

  18. That thermostat does 2 things. One it blocks the flow of coolant until it is up to a set temperature. That is the center section of what you had in your hand. The electrical connection is to the temperature guage, and or the computer for fuel trim.

  19. That's just wrong head gasket sealer it's not going to last it's a temporary fix you're going to be going down the highway one day and blammo just the way it is

  20. All that sealer stuff has likely ruined the new radiator. Mostly likely, a temporary fix at best. Time will tell. IMHO, would have been better to replace the broken head gasket.

  21. Huge Range Rover fan and it's great to see someone take the time to resurrect a timeless classic. I would be proud to drive such a monster!

  22. Despite the name of Range Rover and the exorbitant price most people believe they are made in the UK. I’m sorry to say that they are all made in India now and are not worth a fraction of the price. I found out the hard way by buying a brand new one at £50,000+ I had problems from day one and, after a year of trouble sold it for less than half the price and having driven 4,000 miles.
    They really are junk now and not like the superior ones that were made in the United Kingdom.
    The Royal family drive the Defenders and the modern ones are provided for free. Now I understand why 🙄

  23. i had the same problem , with same solution . only worked for about 1500 km s , the problem returned . buyer beware .

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