I Found an ABANDONED BMW Supercar at the Salvage Auction. It's Been Sitting for YEARS!

I went to the local Salvage Auction with Rich Rebuilds and stumbled upon the abandoned BMW i8 that has been sitting at this auction for what is likely over 2 years now. While we were there we saw some other cool cars including a Hellcat, a Porsche Panamera Executive, BMW M3, Maserati Granturismo a Tesla Model X and many more!

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  1. Love the content, Can't you give your guestimation of cost of these vehicles at salvage auction?

  2. Rich should go for that truck, the silver one. It sounded good. That burnt out car is the bottom of the barrel! No

  3. Hi Sam, I found your channel a week or so ago and really like it! Are you in Tampa? What is the auction place you go to? Can anyone get in to see the inventory?

  4. When I saw that i8 I remembered that the Leicester City FC owner gifted each player (I'm guessing coaches as well) one as a reward for winning the EPL. The Media were stating the cars, at the time (2016), were valued at £105,000!

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