I Spent $1000 On Funko Pop Auctions For Christmas!

Today we are back checking out another Whatnot Funko Pop auction to see what figures we can win today!

Get $10 off your next Funko Pop:

Hope you enjoy!

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More videos coming soon!


  1. To be honest, halfway through the video I realsed they were bidding coz they know you'll bid higher so its kind of off for me. I run auctions on vintage clothes and have seen this methods multiple times

  2. Love these kinds of videos! My collection is at 626 atm. Wish I lived in your area with the stores you have. I’m in Washington. But my collection is gotten mostly online since I’m in a wheelchair because of Iraq. I do also have 1 fake pop if you’d be interested. It’s the Loch Ness monster

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