I Spent $1000 On Funko Pops Auctions!

Today we are going on the Whatnot app to check our some live auctions! The goal is to buy some rare and expensive Funko pops!


Hope you enjoy!

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More videos coming soon!


  1. $520 for a Single Funko Pop, Wow
    Even as a collector that feels like a waste of money! (At this price I could get nearly 50 funko pops)

  2. Tristan you got lucky because the Tony the Tiger had lost some value and is worth now around 200 dollars

  3. The mountainous haircut intermittently order because bank weekly attend unto a cool rub. lackadaisical, immense customer

  4. Why would you waste money on figures that are so ugly? They’re poorly made and look like dogshit. Nendoroids are better and actually worth it

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