Inside Amish Auction 🇺🇸

Have you ever been to an Amish auction? My Amish friend Brian set me up with the right clothes, showed me how to shave “Amish style,” and set me loose in a massive Amish auction where I got into some competitive bidding with the locals. MORE BELOW ↓

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  1. Dang I am living in the wrong community. Rather be living with the Amish where they help each other out, but na am here living in a community where the corn lady just got robbed and beat.

  2. I am not Amish nor have I really learned much about them aside from the stereotypes… but as an "English" person I have to say that this is incredible. My boyfriend's family attends a church and they did an auction a few weeks ago of cakes, pies, and other desserts. The money goes to a local Methodist group home to buy Christmas gifts for the kids. It was absolutely amazing to watch and some of these cakes went for $300!!! When I go to buy furniture I may have to look into an Amish store/auction. I've been to a few of their stores while traveling Appalachia areas but have never had a need/money to buy their beautiful hand-crafted furniture. Thank you for shedding light on these wonderful people and community! What a great video!

  3. Thankyou for showing there lifestyle. I wasn't like I'd imagined.
    Though I'm Methodist I would be comfortable to talk to them. But not the Metinies.

  4. Though you are considered English, in my eyes you fit in with the Amish community just fine. . . your heart cannot lie about something like that! Bless you!

  5. I rescued Shih-Tzus from OH Amish PUPPYMILL, 65 dogs rescued that day; was on the news. Buffalo Pugs&Small Breed Rescue!! Dogs are livestock, pime specimens AUCTIONED for BREEDING

  6. The Amish in Ohio are so thoughtful for people outside their community. Here in Pennsylvania they are definitely not like that all. You did a great job Peter😊

  7. This is soo good to watch, I came out of that kind of religion when I was 14, hehehe..
    Oh those quilts!! I want one of them!! Peter do you not has those for sale?

  8. Thank you for your work Peter. It touches me deeply that you are enough to compassionately present the lives of people who live differently than most but in ways that cause one to rethink community and what is really important in life.

  9. There is a health care option for those that aren't Amish, very similar…. It's called Christian Healthcare. Same idea as everyone pays into it, less expensive than traditional healthcare, and whoever needs it they get coverage. One stipulation is you have to be a Christian. I've heard it is excellent coverage.

  10. I was honored to meet some Amish folk in Tennessee on our drive down to Alabama. They truly are some of the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

  11. I love how he bided on something and then asked what it was😂 He’s basically just bidding on whatever he sees

  12. Supporting each other as a community. What a concept. Too bad it only works if all participants think the same, and work to earn their keep. You notice there are no black amish.

  13. The Amish know how to move at a proper human pace. What if the Amish would offer a summer camp for kids and adults.

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