Investigating Delivery Service – YOUR Packages Are Sent to Auctions? | Joe Lycett's Got Your Back

Joe Lycett delivers justice to a parcel delivery company.
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  1. "Every time the item goes to auction house due to failure to deliver, Hermes claims they lose money"… I'm sure they don't I'm sure they have an inside angle there too. Also how could they possibly lose money? Do they not auction off the item to recoup proceeds in order to pay the customer a return on their lost item? And this lost item they only get a 25% return on. So who keeps the other 70ish% after auction fees? Please don't tell me its not Hermes, that's the entire scam right? They can funnel the money over to shell corporations or individuals overseas and also do so "tax free"!!! Of course scammers aren't going to tell the truth about their scam. Most likely in the back pocket of this show too. Just look how they all but forced them to deliver a groveling apology on their behalf. What most excellent PR after being called out! The British public appears very gullible I'm afraid…

  2. Crooks, cheap doesn’t always buy one quality but why should one care; one always wants to get the base bargain prices regardless of the ACTUAL (indirect) costs, or does one?!!!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. One of the local "satellite" pickup locations for the big delivery companies is a small cell phone store, and the guy there told us that the delivery drivers spend a couple of hours in the morning racing around the locations where that day's packages are supposed to be dropped off, but without stopping at any addresses. That creates a GPS tracker map that makes it look like they completed their rounds. Then they go to the satellite place and dump their entire load of packages there, and send automated "we weren't able to deliver your package" emails to everyone, telling them they'll have to drive to the satellite pickup location and get their packages there. Then they just take the rest of the day off. The guy at the cell phone store then has to be the one to deal with angry customers all day and digging out their packages from his storeroom instead of serving his own customers. He was really irritated about it, but what could he do? I passed this info along to the delivery company and they weren't interested.

  4. Use the small claims court, and take them to court. Force them to turn up and explain, where your parcel went to and who has it. I have cctv outside my flat, and one of my parcels didn't turn up on time, and driver claimed he couldn't get into my close. I emailed them, telling them, your driver is lying, and I have cctv evidence of this. Told them, they have until 5pm the next day to deliver my parcel, if not delivered by 5pm, will begin a small courts claims against them

    The delivery van arrived at 10am, and ever since this I dont have any trouble with this company

  5. Had this happen to me this week! I bought new bedding, pillows and a mattress topper costing £72, the delivery was split into 2 parcels, 1 I received yesterday which was just the pillows that cost £8 and the other that had the remaining stuff hadn't moved in like 5 days. I was sent just 1 tracking number so I couldn't even see where the other parcel was once I'd received the pillows because it was saying it was delivered, you can't ring anyone or use the chat box on their site it just cuts you off or hangs up. I had to ring wilko who I'd placed the order with and get them to check what was going on and low an behold not even an hour after the other parcel has been updated saying damaged and then label reprint funny that 🤔

  6. This is England. Nothing in this country is open and honest. You want a beer? You have to buy a 4 pack and pay max tax and convenience store prices even at the supermarket. Cigarettes are 4 times the price as in Switzerland. Every single administration is taking advantage of absolutely everyone they can. It never ends, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to wrapping impossible protocols around a transaction. Call someone for a health, council or law enforcement issue, you will NEVER get the right person, extension, building or department. Instead you shall be going in circles until you are at the designed and desired level of frustration to give up and trust no one or seeking redemption through criminal activity. We are turned against eachother with relentless mindless television, our own British ethics of not being intrusive and the over arching lies of political and media outlets. Joe has failed in this one, love the guy, but this is a shame and a sham of a report.

  7. Just found my missing massage chair on eBay. I insured the item and attached an additional address label so I could be contacted if lost in transit. Not surprisingly I received no call and item was lost. Don't use Hermes.

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