Julien's Auctions: Property from the Estate of Greta Garbo

Hollywood memorabilia from Julien’s Auctions is proud to announce The Property from the Estate of Greta Garbo auction that will be held on December 14 and 15 at Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills Gallery. Over 800 personally owned items of Greta Garbo will be sold as part of this intimate collection.

Greta Garbo still fascinates the public’s imagination over twenty years since her death and over seventy years since she starred in her last film. The items assembled here span Garbo’s life in Sweden, her early career as she took on the Hollywood studio system at age 21, through her career as one of the most talented actresses ever to appear on screen and to her decision to retire and live what she hoped would be a life of anonymity in New York City. This very personal collection, featuring Garbo’s personal clothing, accessories, furnishings and private possessions, has never been previously available and rarely seen by others. The auction contains the most clothing items designed by Valentina Schlee, known simply as Valentina, ever to be auctioned at one time. The two women’s complicated relationship became grist for gossip and rumors as Garbo was friend to Valentina and publicly the mistress of Georges Schlee, and neighbor of the couple in the same exclusive New York apartment building. Garbo was also one of the very first women to appear in clothing and accessories from Emilio Pucci, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lilly Dache, Hubert Givenchy, Mr. John, and many pieces from these designers will be part of the extensive wardrobe offering.

Select photographs from Garbo’s personal collection of Hollywood studio portraits (often referred to as Garbo’s Garbos) by photographers George Hurrell, Clarence Sinclair Bull, and Ruth Harriet Louise are also part of the exhibit and sale. Furniture, art and décor from Garbo’s New York apartment and Garbo’s Swedish manor house are also among the highlights.

Join Julien’s Auctions in celebrating the life of the legendary Greta Garbo.

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  1. Interesting to see these items. It does indeed give insight on her. Now, I wondered about the man claiming to be her 'great grand nephew' or some such thing. I am unaware of how many siblings she had back in Sweden, and of any connection(s) she may have had with same. She was such a solo flyer, but, I guess in her later years, she was surrounded by friends.

  2. Not gonna tell how much I paid for it, except both double signatures are by far my most prized possession. .Ever. I’ll never sell or get rid of it!

  3. Funny they mention (and show) how much she liked color because in the black and white photos of her taken in her retirement she looked kind of drab. i met her once in New York City near her apartment around Christmas, 1969 and I was surprised to see her wearing blue eye shadow and pink lipstick. It wasn't garish at all, but I somehow didn't expect to see her wearing colorful makeup.

  4. I watched her films as re runs and was enchanted by her beauty and her voice. Camille was for me her best. Lovely to see, these items.

  5. It's a shame all of it couldn't have gone to her museum in Sweden. If I was rich I would've bought as much as possible then donated it to the museum. Especially the waffle iron (so Scandinavian) and her passports

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