just bought a house at auction… got majorly screwed

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  1. I had a friend who use to buy house for rent and went bankrupt reason buying houses and investing to fixers and people don’t pay they rents.forget the headed,

  2. Lol, you are such a bum. Why did you buy a house without prior inspection?

  3. Nor his son watching a mouse run through the bathroom I would’ve ran out the entire house and told him I’m okay with being in the car with my snacks and tablet 😂😂😂✌🏾

  4. If this house is apparently in your area, why didn't you drive over and peek through the windows first before bidding.
    sure you may have not seen the foundation Slanting, but you would have gotten a gist of the interior including foundation cracks on walls & ceiling and the exterior condition.

  5. Cheers for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard the talk about – Tarbbatigan Vintage Sales Tip (probably on Google)? It is a great one of a kind guide for finding government and police auctions for cars trucks and SUVs minus the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy got excellent success with it.

  6. Kevin, I appreciate your videos. i live on the east coast in Poughkeepsie, (eighty miles north of N.Y.C). I've got some ideas I would like to share with you. Partly based on construction experience (forty + years), and three years as a professional photographer. i love to travel, and would like to know if you could use a man out in the field? Hope you get to read this-keep up the great work! Tom

  7. I just level the flooring, screw the foundation. No one’s getting in the way of my profit margin.. 😂

  8. The soggy cricket spontaneously polish because position systemically watch abaft a sassy anthropology. aloof, calculating server

  9. I was just looking at Auction dot com too. Im sure it sucks to buy a house sight unseen. I need some guidance and my agents don’t want to have to do with it

  10. How is it easy money tax free when there is a thing called capital gains tax. You pay tax on the profit made unless it's your primary residence for 2 years. Am I missing something?

  11. People get high on HGTV and think flipping is easy money, it's risky business.
    Seems like this property is poison, if someone tries to resell it with a known defect…?

  12. Forget all the waffle , there is only one lesson here and the lesson is as old as commerce itself and , its common sense, never ever ever buy sight unseen .

  13. 2500 loss …. much better than 90000 loss…. still a lesson learned, always check in person, no exceptions, thanks for the info.

  14. you bought a house without looking at it??? you're an idiot. you're constantly looking for a scam..ok good luck

  15. “For free” after the fat bottom feeding marketing checks. Nothing is free Billy. We all know money is the only reason anyone posts videos anymore after the adpocolypse. As soon as YouTube introduced ads in the early 2000’s I knew it was going to end up a salesman marketing cesspool eventually. Here we are.

  16. man this guy makes so much money been watching u for over 2 years haven't seen u hlp one person hope u have your goals right on life

  17. MY ADVICE NEVER EVER BUY a slab house if it does not have a basement your idiot to buy it sight unseen
    and another negative is if it has no garage not even a single wide either attached detached walk around the outside close to the house
    if you notice small sink holes up next to the foundation that is bad sign your ground is mostly sand unless the seller is willing to sell for chicken feed
    say thanks but no thanks and leave if the living room floor creaks when you walk across it bad sign unless the seller is giving it away i would be running away as fast as my feet can carry me because i'm going to bet you have to tear the house down then you need a contractor with a dump truck and backhoe to remove the sand you want either solid rock or dirt low sand count clay is better than sand do more research before you buy

  18. Using a Golf ball or marble trick for check foundation, great tip! I need to use that when viewing homes in the future.

  19. Thank you for sharing im doing everything in my power as a Single Parent to do right by my kids teaching them how to make it in the 21st century

  20. "CAPITAL GAINS TAX" A lot of people who make this "flip the house" videos almost always fail to mention the taxes you pay to the federal government for selling Non-homestead property.

  21. I would be afraid to buy any kind of property in California as thousands are leaving each year. It will get hard to sell/rent and get money back. I live in the Dallas area and you can't drive anywhere without seeing at least two or three California license plates

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