Kansas farm auction picks! 100 years of trucks, tractors & cars! What's in the abandoned farmhouse?

Mr. Goodpliers heads off to a farm auction to bid on 100 years of history! A century of trucks, cars, tractors and more wait in rows to be sold. Watch and see what he finds… then follow along to see what’s in the abandoned farmhouse!


  1. I'll have all the prices of what the tractor sold the video will be out Friday at 11:30 that was a good day with good seeing Mr Goodpliers love to have that to have that old 50 models Dodge truck but that's more money than I would have paid for it

  2. Tim you are the best cameraman out there, I know I said it before, but I always give compliments when due!!
    EXCELLENT WORK TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I like that in the USA all antique things sell on the auction. I live in Russia where all antique things go to scrape. I dislike it. I will play in the loterry greencard, maybe I will get luck anytime.

  4. My Great Uncle was missing a finger. I thought it was because of all those years of farm life. Nope. The Huns shot it off in '44 he said. Farming is safer. Then he would softly chuckle. I miss his stories.

  5. Excellent score on your GMC unique for sure with original fenders! That C40 looked solid. I love the old C40s,50s,60s. It was a pleasure to watch

  6. With the worlds population increasing and so many farms no longer producing how long will it be before people begin to starve ? As I was a kid my family were dairy farmers now there isn't a working farm left in the area we were in, in New England . Sad.

  7. Very good tour of the equipment and the buildings. You are very knowledgeable. Thanks for a nice relaxing video.

  8. You did a great job with the narrated tour! Helpful that you knew most of the models! Were the pickings from the scrap pile free, free with purchase?

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