Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction Second Video Pierce Nebraska Rare Barn Finds New!

The Second Video of the Lambrecht Auction in Pierce Nebraska with a field of over 500more cars and trucks and upcoming barn find auction details. This rare collector car auction in Pierce Nebraska is a once in a lifetime opportunity unless you know of a bigger lot of unsold dealer cars out the that someone has been holding for decades. Come back for more videos soon of this huge closed dealership auction and listen to the Under The Hood Radio Show with the Motor Medics either by podcast or over the air for details. Find us on iTunes and Stitcher.


  1. what a waist, sounds like this guy was a bit of a hoarder, and not even a collector, not many of these new cars were even all that special or even optioned well. I can not even stand the thought of brand new cars reduced to parts because of just sitting in a field to rot. he should have given most of these cars to charity back when they were new, and kept a few examples in some place better then a farm field .

  2. Wow!!! It's totally awesome these car are all new, even the project car are in great condition! !! I hope that normal people get these cars! And not rich people! ! And I pray they all stay here in the states! !! And I hope alot of those who get these cars will post videos of there cars being put back into service!!!

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