Libya slave auctions: Reporting on the slavery trade (The Investigators with Diana Swain)

Libya slave auctions: Reporting on the slavery trade. Nima Elbagir of CNN talks to Diana Swain about her reporting on a modern-day slave trade in Libya. Watch The Investigators Saturdays at 9:30 pm ETand Sundays at 5:30 pm ET on CBC News Network.

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  1. black people muslim farist change religion muslim and second, arabe people do back in midlest,,,, beacouse africo god he create africain people not arab

  2. Remember Obama and Hillary caused destruction of Benghazi Libya and Egypt the Democrats are at fault for this Obama for 8 years did nothing .

  3. Jesus loves you! 🙂 Repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ As Lord and Savior and you will be saved. God bless

  4. Why did she make it about racism at the end? Its black people selling other black people or arabs selling other arabs

  5. This is what will happen to black americans if they don't get serious and stop partying and dancing.Nothing will happen until blacks world wide get up and fight and stop being passive thinking the caucasians are some sort of gods.

  6. ‘We’ve hurt murmurs about it’?! We’ve known that the slave trade NEVER stopped in Africa 🤷🏻‍♂️ There’s all kinda of videos showing that fact on the net already?!

  7. The libyan slave auction is related to the Atlantic slave trade like a prostitute to the Dept of Highways.

  8. How much of this is lies is the question; not on the journalists' part, but on the narrative presented to her by her on site guide.

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  10. Blacks got rid of whites in Africa who would have made Africa a place to stay … it's all black
    They want to go to a white mans land to get support and wats the point !.?

  11. This is the 2019 just about 21 century u don't see any Moors enslaving people especially in North Africa, even when they did in the past. Moors don't dwell on slavery like they do (Arabs)

  12. The reason why the UN hasn’t gotten involved in is because there is nothing to get involved in. The only people who have actually seen “black slavery” going on in Libya are them some outsiders. Libya is full of different coloured people and no one has came out and said that there are black people being sold because it’s simply not true

  13. Weren't you dumb asses comprising CNN cheering on the "liberation" of Libya at the time, dip shits?

  14. So where is Beyoncé and JZ? Oh that’s right, cashing in on their own people in a different way and being worshipped as gods. 🙄

  15. well, Slavery took place before, during and after the white man came to Africa, it seems. We tried to put an end to it…

  16. The news today, complaining about….rhetoric yet Libya is hell right now to a lot of people. Speaks volumes about why the media deflects….as if we don't know why

  17. They are africans who are selling africans to africans , so slavery is internal problem among black communities.

  18. Doesn't matter what race or money we come from. We are all equal humans with same feelings and emotions. I am a South Korean born Canadian citizen. My heart thoughts and prayers are with you.

  19. Why was that lady not enslaved. She would have fetched a higher price. Is this slavery or extortion.

  20. The journalist is from Sudan. She is not shocked by slavery. She knows how Black Sudanese are treated and discriminated against in places like Syria, Lebanon, etc and elsewhere in the Arab world. Also, there is slavery going on in Sudan at this instant. She should go there and report that too. The reason why she was probably admitted is because they know that Sudanese Arabs have been enslaving those from the South in places like Darfur.

  21. les promesses vides sans espoir des reforms de fausse opposition de l'Afrique pour la libération du peuples? le meme peuples mourent dans les rue battu a mort? au nom de la libération du meme peuples? une revolution qui n'a pas de nom

  22. To the children of Israel if they start that slavery bull again
    set the whole country on fire..

  23. It was the Arab who first started slavery with the black people. Mohammed had many black concubine slaves

  24. NATO killed gaddafi and put a bunch of terrorists into power.

    NATO is responsible for funding terrorists and slavemasters in libya.

    rest in peace gaddafi

    libyans and africans miss you…

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