Day two of the Anglia Car Auctions live May Classic Car Auction


  1. For those impatient with the motorcycle sale being before the cars, get used to it. Motorcycles always get in front of cars. 😉

  2. Forget your G Wagon, don't insult yourself with the close on worst vehicle in the world in the Jeep but do yourself a favour and get a Landcruiser 200 Series V8 Diesel.

  3. Some where sold for a civil price. And some for crazy price. I'm in Ireland. Any cars over 20 years old are getting expensive due to cheap classic insurance. Mid 90s are rising fast

  4. Bloody Rust Buckets !! what`s the matter with People, and the Bikes, did you see the state of those Bikes, They are Bloody Mad !!

  5. Worked for British Leyland many years ago, wish I'd kept some of the cars I had with the prices they are fetching now.

  6. Was that landcrab ever in one of the classic motor magazine? The one I read about was a 2 litre engine yes it had oversiized pistons and went very well I love those cars

  7. Ex motor trade man now living in New Zealand love the nostalgia of these auctions, cannot believe what people pay for the old cars

  8. also a friend says that the 260z (1978) that they didnt make any 1978 260z's in 78 all are 280's any way a vin nbr can be sent to me to win a bet…

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