Day two of the Anglia Car Auctions live June Classic Car Auction.


  1. Great Auctioneer is Jim. So much more clear than most but also far more polite than any I ever met. To young people, think about this , watched a Sunbeam Alpine not as good as the one I had 50 years ago and sold for £200. todays prices £7000.

  2. On the Jensen interceptor they said £500 / half bids wouldn’t be accepted, surely the owner would prefer the extra £500 if it were offered, what’s the reason for that?

  3. I would like to buy a classic car, but worried about parts and finding a knowledgable mechanic for an MOT, etc.

  4. Great range of cars, we don't get this variety in New Zealand, just ask your cameraman.
    Enjoyed this thanks!

  5. Really cheap prices,, shame i am in Australia,the safari wagon was wild………. i dont know if i am game enough to be seen driving it but who cares. if the sunbeems were V8,s i would jump on one. The BSA bikes were cheap…….. Great bunch of history here,.

  6. Hi Jim! Going to be watching the auction tonight, hopefully the lots will actually reach the bottom estimate this time. I’ll be registering to bid next time. 👍 Nice one Joe

  7. The Renault Dauphine has a unique history. It was the first private 'Mini cab' as opposed to licenced taxis in London. They were all maroon in colour.

  8. 2:26:15 Wow! My first three cars were Toyota Celicas so it's nice to see so much interest in one here. They were nicknamed "Mini Mustangs" at the time.
    In around 1985 I bought an 'S' reg Celica Liftback at an auction in SE London, no reserve and nobody else in the room was interested in it. Lucky me. It was the rarer, faster GT version and I got it for £200, so to see the ST version here fetching £17,000 is incredible.

  9. A few weeks ago the market overheated and prices overshot. That I think has heightened sellers expectations and frightened some buyers. Recent prices have pulled some uninspiring offerings onto the market. It seems that this has been a tougher market and that a lot of work will go on after the sale to bring together the expectations of the buyers and sellers. A great job by the auctioneer who has to find a balance between goading/charming the bidders and keeping the energy in the sale up, which must be hard with so many provisional sales.

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