Live from Sotheby's Impressionist & Modern Art + Modern Renaissance Auctions

Join us for our live evening auctions in Paris and London, with a special pre-show hosted by art historian and BAFTA nominated broadcaster Dr James Fox. From Paris, Art Impressionniste et Moderne features a selection of works by world-renowned artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, including Van Gogh, Degas, Pissarro, Giacometti and Matisse. Continuing in London, our cross-category Modern Renaissance sale includes works by Pollaiuolo, Picasso, Hockney, Hirst, Dubuffet, Banksy, Kandinsky, Munch and many more.



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  2. Many of the buyers aren't art lovers; they're signature lovers.
    The actual depictions are secondary in value!
    It's all about the prestige of ownership, which seems to go hand in hand with moneyed people who hold little regard for the value of a dollar.
    People who may have a genuine liking for these works will never get own them because they lack the funds.
    The up side lies in the fact that most of the great works can be bought as a print or even replicated, allowing all of us the opportunity of viewing some marvellous painting at an affordable price.
    Many of these auction pieces will be left to rot in a Swiss bank vault anyway!

  3. Please show the work of art that is being sold better, at least 25% of the screen. Preferably live shot with a person standing next to it for size reference. But most importantly, keep it at screen for the whole duration of the bidding and at least 25% size of the screen, preferably even larger. Thank you.

  4. At 1:16:58.8 the online bid for €14M came in, less than half a second before the hammer went down at 1:16:59.2.
    So the auction was still live despite the hammer going down.
    Terrible auctioneer actually.
    It was clear that the online bidder was serious, joining late and going up in increments of €1M, whereas the telephone bidders were taking ages and messing about with €50K.
    She should have given more time for internet bids to come in, any number of connection issues could have hampered the online bidding, yet she gave far more time for telephone bidders to deliberate. As it happened she almost lost her employer, Sotheby's, around a quarter of a million for the sake of half a second.

  5. NFT – Digital Art is the way for today's artists at this point to earn a living. We have some amazing art and artists who are still alive and those should be earning $$$$$ to continue doing the great work and can use some well deserved recognition. Picasso was great but time to move on.

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