Ludwig watches the Pokemon auctions

Streamed live on 2020-11-25 at

0:00 – Just Chatting
2:15:52 – Minecraft

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  1. Come to Texas Lud..

    We have In'n'out and Whataburger for delivery. +Texas BBQ and Steak.

    You will never leave the home even more than you already don't leave.

  2. I've been having trouble sleeping lately so I've been putting these vods on to listen to with my eyes closed. Ludwigs voice is exactly what my zoomer ears need to be lulled to sleep

  3. Self sufficiency and good deals.Chad entrepreneur Ludwig is here to sell you amazing products! With amazing reviews from Sykkuno! Wait a minute isn't Sykkuno the most rich man on the server?! So he must be trustworthy!

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