Ludwig's $100,000 Charity Auction

[Streamed Live on January 5th, 2022]

In this VOD, Ludwig did a charity auction.

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0:00 Talking with chat
2:21:07 Charity Auction

Original VOD:

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  1. Fun fact the original YouTube play button that like less than 100 people got was actually plated with real gold but they gave up on it soon after because they became to big and had to many people pass the milestone

  2. I'm Brian H.. kinda sad I had the highest bid for 3 minutes straight at 2:27:48 ngl. But Dashiel ended up being fake so I won anyway, just at $400 higher. I hope all the money really changes some kids lives! I'm really excited for the sign 😁

  3. When you wanted to bid $2500 for the shoes, but someone RUSHED through them so fast and I couldn't get my bid in on my phone fast enough lol. Grats Alex for getting them!

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