McNeilus Rear Loaders on Rotary Auction Cleanup 2022

After 2 years, the auction has returned. Here is the 2022 edition of the cleanup. Enjoy

Also, I’m not sure exactly what happened but the transitions in between the clips seems to have issues. We’ll just consider that a “new editing technique” for this video.

Just like every other year, for those saying that items should be donated and what not, charities have full reign after the auction for 12-15 hours to pick and go through what items they deem as donation worthy. Everything being thrown out in this video has already passed through the auction and charities before meeting the truck. If you see an item you like, I suggest instead of leaving a nasty comment, you find your way out to the auction to help support a good community cause as well as reduce waste.

Special thanks to the driver for letting me grab some video!

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Filmed: July 2022