1. AM I seeing right here?
    An Ultra RARE proper Pontiac RAIV 4sp air, and it didn’t even fetch interest of 60K Hardly.
    These things like this go for double that easily!
    The RAIV Firebirds 200K the 1 of 14 etc.
    Even a 69 TA gets 170K Easily, they appear then are GONE petty fast.
    Yet these tinny foreign or C10’s get 50K+
    Clearly shows the newer younger braindead millennial crowds that are getting Big monies have literally NO value or sense what’s what.
    God help the classic car industry.

  2. There sure must be a lot of money floating around out there. God Bless America and may the Devil take AOC, Joe Biden and Socialist Squad.

  3. Good lord. 100k for a 2012 jeep? He could buy a brand new jeep, hell cat swap it, throw wheels and tires on it for less than that

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