1. I enjoyed the video. Thanks. I find it fascinating when the auctioneer stops the auction chant and slows down to everyday clear slow speech to clear up an issue of sorts. Perhaps two different people both bid the same amount and they have to backtrack to find out what's what.

  2. Low bids in Monterey 37 cord Chrysler airflow and cars from the 30s do these people on the lane know how to hold a hood ? They should also have on white gloves that black elcamino was a bargain

  3. If I was a millionaire I'd drop some bucks today. Oddly lower prices expected in these auctions at Monterey. I'd pick the:
    1951 Bentley S1 (01:39:27);
    1956 Mercedes-Benz 190SL (01:44:00);
    1969 Superperformance Ford GT40 (01:59:00);
    1961 Jaguar XK150 (02:25:25);
    1986 DeTomaso Shelby Pantera (02:44:45);
    1965 Shelby 289 Cobra (02:54:14);
    1967 Ford Mustang Fastback (01:47:00). This one I'd stick a manual transmission, and paint it green as a tribute to the "Bullitt" (1968) movie.

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