1. Hey I watch the web stream all the time and really enjoy it. However, after hours and hours of cuts and dissolves, do you ever toss in a nice wipe or maybe even some slow T-Bar action every once in a while?

  2. Mecum is a big rip off!!!! When they were in Tulsa Oklahoma I paid the extra fee to have Chris overlook a 68 Camaro for me While I was on the phone and he told me the camaro is in perfect condition. The 68 Camaro was advertised as having a new top and new interior. Since I had faith in what Chris said I ended up bidding the vehic $33,000. When I got the Camaro it had 2 front flats The transporter had a hard time getting it off The trailer because it kept turning off. Once the Camaro was off the trailer I tried to drive it around to park it in the garage and I couldn't even get it to go 15mph. It was advertised to have a new top and interior the interior looks years old and the top had a few rips on it The headlights tail lights wipers Do not work or even have the wireharness for it. The front and rear Shocks are blown When opening the doors they hang so you need to pick them backup to close the doors. The back seats have mold. The floor of the trunk is full of rust. After fee's and taxes I paid $41,680. It's advertised as new top and new interior and being a great runner that is completely fraud. I saved up for many year's and till this day it still has me sick to my stomach. Here's the link

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