1. These cars are more affordable than Barrett Jackson prices,, unrestored junk pulling 40k,,it would cost 40k to restore it then sell it for 48k. i am in the market for a 1990 for 95 zr1 vette NOT BLACK or CHARCOLE… barret jacksopn just got 46k for 1 that was nothing special,,, there only worth 28k at the most

  2. Don't get me wrong I like seeing the Ford Broncos & Chevy Blazers and the Dodge Ramcharger, but I would love to start seeing International Scouts & Scout IIs start popping up at these. I absolutely LOVE my 74 Scout II, goes through everything and really gets looks going down the street.

  3. You can tell when the big spenders came in. Cars went from being great deals to being over paid for by $10-20k. This is what ruins these for people who work for a living. Millionaires just out bid against each other for fun on cars not worth anything just to push out the poors.

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