1. Bidders beware. I'm from Illinois so I paided extra to have Chris from Mecuon over look lot S203 a 68 camaro convertible for me. Having faith and trust in Chris and Mecum I began to ask chris questions about the camaro he said it's a clean car with a new top new interior with no rust, dent's or scratches on it and that the camaro Is immaculate. Having faith in Chris I began bidding over the phone Chris said why don't you knock it out the park and start the bidding at 30K I said no way I'll start at 10k. I felt as I was overbidding myself I ended up winning the bid for 33k Once I got the Camaro it had 2 deep scratches rust on the hood the 2 front tires were flat. The Porter had a hard time getting it off because it wouldn't start Looking under it has oil leak in the front and the rear seal. Once I got it started I was unable to go over 15 mph. The top had 2 rips on it and is very hard and difficult to put down and back up the interior looked years old with mold on the bottom of it as if it was waterlogged. The motor has a knock the trunk is full of rust no wiring for head and tail lights no wiring for the wiper motor no radio back windows are off track and don't close it's hard to open the drivers door front suspension is really bad and unsafe power steering pump is leaking the rear air shocks are blown. Long story short the cost of the camaro was $41,480 after shipping taxes and is going to need another $12,000 to get it in a safe driving condition. The way Mecum and Chris described this camaro was a total lie and completely false advertisement. I'm going to post a YouTube video of the 68 camaro. I'm also going to post on Facebook tictock and file a complaint with the Attorney General and better business burial.

  2. You need to restrict these goofballs from walking and standing in front of the items when it is obvious they are not bidding on them. Just basically embarrass them by saying very loudly, "Hey, you, either buy it or sit down and get out of the way."

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