Middle-Earth Weapon Auction | Robot Chicken | adult swim

As Frodo’s allies pledge their allegiance, Elrod starts an auction to see who can offer the best weapon and Aragorn wins Frodo as the prize. Watch more Robot Chicken on HBO Max:

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Middle-Earth Weapon Auction | Robot Chicken | adult swim


  1. Adult swin can we get full length cartoons cause this is trash number 1 fan guess you have too pay money too get that

  2. They should have one about an all you can eat Hobbit buffet, turns out it's just a dragon eating all the Hobbits.

  3. I remember Seth Green coming on the late show to promote Robot Chicken. For some reason he didn't show this clip to Stephen Colbert.

  4. Gimli doesn't have a horse.. He'd sooner walk than sit on the back of any beast so great, free or begrudged. This is why you always see him on Legolas' horse.

  5. Only the best auctioneers know how to sell something to someone that doesn't really want it.

    Also, was that a slave auction?!

  6. Pretty much the words that describe all of Robot Chicken’s clips… “What just happened?!?”

  7. So, you sold your sword for a hobbit? What a noob. You should have gotten the rust prevention treatment.

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