1. Looks good !!! I can say that also Online auctions sites are like giant flea markets. For many, selling items on Internet auctions sites is a hobby and a good way to supplement their income. For buyers, it’s a great way to find good deals because it is fun, easy and safe. Online bidding sites is easy to navigate, provide a wide selection of categories and subcategories, several custom selling options and a straightforward feedback forum.


  2. Good info… but alot of work…. still better to buy an older car from a owner… they are out there…

  3. You can also check out AuctionPipeline – they're primarily dealer-only sales, but a handful of them have public sales as well.

  4. This is a good primer for the public auctions. Charity sales, Salvation Army, Goodwill, there's all sorts of public auctions out there. Police and towing impound yards are also good if you want to buy a project, and occasionally get a running car. I've personally bought running driving cars for $60, $65, $90, and $275. Check with towing/storage facilities, wrecker services, and law enforcement in your area to find out where the sales are. For example, there's regular sales 7 days/wk in DFW.

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