On The Hunt Ep.13 Semi Auction

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On this “On the Hunt” episode I shared some truck found at a local auction. Surprisingly there were some vintage iron at this sale including Peterbilts, Macks, Internationals and an awesome mid-80s K100 cabover. Unfortunately, due to COVID, they’ve shutdown all live auctions and do it all via the web which just isn’t the same. Still fun to look for a future project and dream. I posted the sell price so you can get a sense of what these trucks are selling for … note all prices in Canadian loonies.

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for all the comments, suggestions and support!

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  1. first of all good day. total weight 38 tons. What is the fuel consumption of 100 km? 13L. or 16L. 500-600 horsepower. 6 cylinders. 0 km only truck engines how much.? thanks.

  2. Writing from Italy, I'm really surprised that all those trucks are open and with keys on. That would never happen here.

  3. The super singles are weight savers. Less weight means you can haul more of a load and the ride a little better. Plus one less chain per duel wheel.

  4. Those trucks with the big funny looking grills have been know as the kool aide man trucks because the look like him smiling

  5. Those air bags make easier and not so rough one unhooking a trailer. You can set it down instead of dropping it hard.

  6. Those new head light are being stolen right an left literally. There easily removed. My company made it very hard to remove. Just FYI.

  7. Will Jeep do away with the Wrangler? I think not! Square hoods sell so they won’t go away… unless the government gets down on them.

  8. there not called Roo catchers in Australia, never have, there called bullbars as we hit a lot of cattle in the outback and ours are a lot stronger.

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