Parachain Slot Auction Mechanism Explained

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  1. where is a list of teams? i cant seem to find. I'd like to research these projects before i bid

  2. Please explain to me. If project on ETH blockchain become Polkadat slot, did they migrate to Polkadot blockchain, or they will remain on ETH blockchain..?

  3. One of the BEST mechanisms ever conceived. Good for everyone involved in the ecosystem and the ecosystem itself. Simply amazing. AAAANNNNDDD the BEST opportunity in crypto currently in regards to ROI.

  4. Say that a token wins a lease period on polkadot; how does that benefit them?

    What are the main benefits for interoperability between blockchains?

  5. What happens if a Parachain lease ends? The locked tokens would be released, and the project has to apply for another lease? But then how do they incentivize people to contribute DOT/KSM again? By issuing more project tokens would mean inflation thus harming its price?

  6. Learn from Cardano, engage with your community members on a regular basis and keep them updated.

  7. I hope at the Polkadot Slot Auctions we will see old friends from the canary network. I also look forward to seeing ParaState there, which I have high hopes for.

  8. What happens if you buy a set NFTs on a certain parachain but after 6 months the parachain doesn’t exist or polkadot doesn’t give them a slot anymore ?

  9. When you say that they are returned at the end of the auction campaign (if they dont win), what exactly does this mean? Do you mean at the end of that particular single parachain auction or the 5 auction batch? For example, if i crowdloan 'project a' but they win the second auction of batch 1, will my DOT tokens be locked until the 5 have finished? This would mean that i would not be able to participate in a crowdloan for 'project a'

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