Pokémon Auctions Of The Week! Ultra Premium Celebrations Graded!

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  1. Apparently PSA has paused grading the metal cards. They said they may bring it back. I'm still going to wait before I send anything off for grading, it's still too expensive. Some of these cards are selling for less than the cost to grade it.

  2. the japanese version of celebrations look so much nicer in person imo the quality is better the texture is nicer and the holo border tops it off…all around just better printing

  3. What are the prices for Americans at Psa? In Germany you pay a minimum of 170-200Dollar for a Psa Submission. Most cards are not worth grading at all, as they don't cost much more in the graded state than the grading itself

  4. And that's why I dont collect slabs way to overpriced. I get people wanting to preserver them and willing to pay that price but with life being so fragile and our age expectancy so low compared to the universe just doesnt catch my intrest.

  5. The metal celebrations cards gonna continue to stay high prices. Unless PSA suddenly eases up their grading as of now it seems really difficult to grade those golden metal beauties

  6. If you read how Psa grades you'll see why that Pre-release Evo zard sold for 3k. If it wasn't damaged in any way or had little to no whiting Psa don't care too much about off centering also I'm wondering why it didn't get the "OC" 10.

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